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A stunning first project from a gifted young designer Thomas Brittain and named for his son - Leo.

Tom has been helping Lorraine on the show circuit for over four years and has become an indispensable member of the Oak Tree Crafts team. Working with beads is a far cry from his physically demanding 'day' job. However, he is constantly fascinated by anything intricate or mechanical and it is from this enquiring mind that he has developed his interest in our work. With Lorraine's encouragement he has let his imagination run loose and designed this fantastic project for us all to enjoy. We hope that it will be the first of many.

Some gluing and painting is required to complete this Project.

Note that this project is presented in our 'Instructions Only' format. This has been done to maximise the opportunities for you to customise the bird house.

For those of you who wish to have all of the parts required to complete the kit (not including glue, needles, paint or tools) then a single 'Kit Pack' option has been provided. For this option note that some of the colours in the pack differ from the sample photograph.

As this project requires a substantial number of Tila Beads then we have created several packs exclusively for this purpose. These can be found at the foot of the page and contain enough Tilas in two colours for one Bird House. Remember you will still need all of the other components for this project - these packs contain only bulk Tila Beads.

In addition, a Findings pack has been created containing all of the small items that can be used in one Bird House.

Note that the wooden mould is an essential part of this project.

Difficulty: Experienced

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Leo's Bird House


We work very hard to produce what we consider to be one of the best products on the market. Therefore we must remind you that the design itself, the instructions, any diagrams, photographs, patterns or charts are subject to copyright. They are strictly for your personal use only and should not be copied in part or whole, re-sold or lent to friends. They also cannot be used to teach a group or class whether for profit or non-profit without our written permission. Finally, the completed project cannot be sold for profit or non-profit, again without our written permission. Further information on copyright including an article on the subject by the Beadworkers Guild can be found here


As previously stated this project is covered by copyright. If you wish to use this project as the basis for one of your own classes we may grant you a temporary license for this use subject to conditions (details on application). In return, you will benefit from our full support and excellent instructions. Please contact us for further details.

kit component pack

If you want to complete the kit again, either in the same colourway, or one of the alternatives, then choose this option. It contains the same amount of components as the normal kit - just no instructions.

instructions only

The full instructions only are included with this option.

You need to provide:

  • Beading Needles in sizes 10 & 13 or 12 & 13
  • Thread Conditioner (optional)
  • Clear Nail Varnish
  • Tools/Pliers for opening Jump Rings
  • Round-Nose Pliers
  • Wire-Cutters
  • Acrylic Paint to suit
  • Two-part Glue
  • ==========================================
  • Beading Thread x 2 - To match
  • Tila Beads (5mm) x 20.4g
  • Tila Beads (5mm) x 21.8g
  • Seed Beads (11o) x 1.5g
  • Seed Beads (11o) x 1.8g
  • Seed Beads (8o) x 30g
  • Delica Beads (11o) x 1.0g
  • Berry Beads (4.5mm) x 0.5g
  • Spiral Beads (6mm) x 5g
  • Facets (10mm) x 3
  • Flower Caps (7mm) x 2
  • Flower Rondelles (5mm) x 4
  • Lampwork Birds x 2
  • Knitted Wire (15mm) x 9cm
  • Headpins (2in) x 2
  • Jump Rings (5mm) x 5
  • Eyelet x 1
  • Screw Eye x 1
  • Chain (Small Link) x 10cm
  • Special Three-part Mould x 1

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Full Kit
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Standard Kit Pack
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instructions only
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